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New Release - New Series

Hi everyone, I am pleased to announce that over the last few months, this author has been growing up. I have not only been working hard on improving as a writer, but also working on books that appeal to an older age group. That’s right people; I have stepped out of school — The Sanctum School. But for the readers of The Sanctum Series, don’t worry I will be returning with book five soon. :D I am missing my favourite characters.

Right now, I am pleased to announce that I have written my first Young Adult, Urban Fantasy book called ‘Fledgling’ and is available for preorder. Release date the 19th of May, 2015.

I am giving a few ARC eBooks away in exchange for a review on Amazon & Goodreads, so if you are interested please sign up here:!read-and-review/cbpp

This offer will close soon.

Thanks for your support and being great readers ☺

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