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Fledgling: (Book 1: Angels & Demons) (Afterlife)

Fledgling: Book 1 (Afterlife)

The earth as we know it is changing. Each day, unknown forces are taking over the human race. Evil is growing stronger, and innocence is the victim. If not stopped, the future of humankind is bleak. 

With current protection angels being stretched past their limits, a new wave of protection is being developed. A new breed of angel is being trained to fight. 

Fledgling is one of them. She did not ask for this life. After living three short lives as a human, she was chosen. With a mind of an eighteen-year-old, she struggles to adapt to her new life surrounded by angelic rules. 

All contact with her past life is ruled prohibited, and romance outlawed. Yet she still finds herself torn between her kind-hearted trainee friend, who has gorgeous blue wings with matching eyes, and the love of her human lives. Her human love is on the verge of either joining the angels or becoming lost to her forever. She is forbidden to intervene. 

Despite her qualms, she is passionate about saving the innocent. Will she be able to place aside her struggles in order to fulfil her passion and new life, or will she become exiled from succumbing to her temptations?

The Taking: (Book 2: Angels & Demons) (Afterlife)

The Taking: Book 2 (Afterlife)

Separus, the mighty demon wants Aurora on his side. He wants her to come willingly, or he will take her hostage until she succumbs to his leadership. In his plot to capture her, he disappears, and Archangel Michael must find him. To do this, he must forsake his training regime with his gifted fledglings, Aurora, Ben and Cindy. 

The continuation of their training is vital and the only angel with the skills available is Zacharias. He has turned his back on the Archangels yet offhandedly he continues to serve while based at Tatev Monastery. His training is not for the lighthearted. The method he uses makes Archangel Michael’s strict methods seem soft. 

During training, the word has reached them that Separus is after Aurora. To draw her out of her training in the Tatev Monastery, he is going after the human Ethan, Aurora’s past lives true love. Much to Ben’s discomfort, the battle is on to protect him. 

Will Aurora succeed in protecting Ethan before it is too late or will she have to sever her angelic relationships and bow to Separus’ leadership? and let your users know a little more about you.

Angelic Retribution: (Book 3: Angel (Afterlife)

Angelic Retribution:

Book 3 (Afterlife)

Aurora struggles to mend the rift she created between her and her angelic colleagues.

Attempting to follow their guidance, she becomes kidnapped by the Gatekeeper and delivered to Abaddon. In her short exposure to the greater demon, she finds herself cursed, in pain, and in a place the other angels cannot rescue her. 
Abaddon wants her as the ruler by his side. With no way of escape, she has a choice; abide by his wishes or die fighting. 

Divided Paths: Book 4: Angel (Afterlife)

Divided Paths:

Book4 (Afterlife)

Divided Paths can be read as a stand-alone novel, or as another journey in the Afterlife series. 


Zacharias serves Archangel Michael as his lead warrior. His job is to help protect the humans from demon invasion and possession until he is appointed to an unusual mission—protecting a girl. To protect Ava, he moves to her family's farm in France and blends in with their life in the middle ages.

The longer Zacharias stays with Ava, the more he realizes that she isn't an ordinary human. Slowly, over the course of years, her unique gifts shine through. The biggest shock manifests after her twenty-first birthday. 

He raises Ava as a daughter, leaving only occasionally to help Archangel Michael fight demons and protect other humans.

Archangel Michael calls for his help when Zacharias is trying to help protect Ava and the humans that she loves. He is so distracted by the pull to protect several loved ones in different places at one time that he is lured into a trap by a greater demon and his loyal servant.

Will he manage to save them all, or will someone be lost?


“When Zacharias is assigned to protect a young human child, he never dreams how his life will change as a result. Readers will be delighted by this inspiring story of courage, loyalty, and determination as two people seek their places in the eternal struggle between good and evil.” Irene S., Proofreader, Red Adept Editing

Truth Hunter: Book 5: Shapeshifter Witch & Angels (Afterlife)

Truth Hunter: Book 5: Shapeshifter Witch & Angels (Afterlife)

The past should remain a secret unless one holds a death wish.

Everyone Ava loves is ripped away. With nothing to lose, she embarks on a journey to find her disconnected family. Her search proves successful, only to discover her shapeshifting family despises witches, and her witch family kills shapeshifters. The problem—she is both.

Suspicions arise that her parents were murdered because of the feud between the races. Determined to get to the bottom of her parents' murders, she follows the dangerous trail that leads to their deaths.

Will she discover the murderers before they bury her with her parents?

Grab a copy and start reading this dragon shapeshifting witch's story today!

Witch's Legacy

(Supernatural Evolvement)

Witch's Legacy: Prequel (Supernatural Evolvement)

Della’s coven, the Ancient Requiem, hunts shapeshifters under the age of twenty-one to squash the rise of the dragon.


In her sixteenth year, Della’s life takes a turn as she discovers the secret of her past, which jeopardizes her unhappy life in the coven. It is a witch’s legacy to remain in the coven of her blood—a benefit if the coven suits her needs, a deadly path if it does not. Yet the choice to stay or go is not Della’s to make; it belongs to the high priestess of the coven. If Della leaves, they will hunt her down and kill her, and if they discover her secret, it will also mean death.

After training to hide her secret, she remains in the coven, but Raven, the shapeshifter witch, puts Della in situations to jeopardize her position. She must outsmart Raven and her shapeshifting antics, or else it is certain death. 

Aaliyah: Book 1

(Supernatural Evolvement)

Aaliyah is pure of heart and loved by all. Duan, her unruly counterpart, is obsessed with her and what she can do for him. From a young age, her mother could tell it was not a healthy relationship.

To break them apart, her mother moved Aaliyah and her siblings away from the Tatev Monastery to live a normal life. It couldn’t be that simple. A witch prophesied that in her sixteenth year, she would take her last breath—a prognosis hard to fathom when all she desires to do is heal. Still, it is a fate not worth tempting. Her mother is torn about the best way to protect Aaliyah and break the chains of her destiny.


“Readers won’t want to miss this tale of growing up, of passion and compassion, of the love that heals all and the hatred that seeks to destroy it.” Irene S., Proofreader, Red Adept Editing

Aaliyah: Book 1 (Supernatural Evolvement)
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