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Marked - Prequel
Valkyrie Academy Dragon Alliance Series

Kara thought that her lack of wings was a problem in the world of Valkyries–until she stumbled across a dragon's nest. She soon learned that wherever you found a dragon’s nest, a mother dragon was always nearby. No matter how much combat training she had, she could still become lunch.

Wolf Heart - Fenrir's Journey to Asgard
Accompanying Thor's Dragon Rider Series

A short story of when Fenrir was a pup. 

Magical Selection
Part One - Prequel
Dragoria: the Lost Dragon Realm

Samara's family are forced to live the life of servants. But when a powerful sorceress visits their village, a new life is opened up to them.

The Gatekeeper
Accompanying the Afterlife Series

The gatekeeper’s responsibility is boundless. For the demons to access Earth, they must seek the gatekeeper. He regulates the passage from Hell to Earth and redeems souls and beings of Earth whom his master requests. Aker is just a boy, but his destiny is great. However, to acquire his title, he needs to prevail through the greater demon’s tests. A novelette of the gatekeeper’s journey.

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