Safeguard: Book 1 (Thor's Dragon Rider)
Safeguard: Book 1 (Thor's Dragon Rider)

Safeguard: Book 1

(Thor's Dragon Rider)

Her best friend is on death’s door, and respite lures a dangerous predicament.

Life after the Valkyrie Academy is interesting, to say the least. Kara’s new role as Thor’s dragon rider lacks the battles she expected, yet keeping up with the loveable brute is entertaining in ways she least imagined. The urge for purpose is satisfied when Loki’s estranged children learn of his duress and work to shatter Asgard’s peace.

Monsters wreak havoc from several realms. The only chance of defeating them lies in a concocted effort between dragons, gods, and Valkyries. Kara’s participation veers as she races to find a means to save a friend.

Pursuit: Book 2 (Thor's Dragon Rider)
Pursuit: Book 2 (Thor's Dragon Rider)

Pursuit: Book 2

(Thor's Dragon Rider)

Beware of the company kept. All may not be as it seems.

The threat from Loki's monstrous children remains, as Odin had predicted. With the trickster father at large, only one path remains—the mother must be sweetened. Perhaps a little chat with a frost giantess will go smoothly, and she will happily control her children, right?

Desperate to delay the onset of Ragnarok, Kara must enter Jotunheim and face the danger of the frost giants to seek Angrboda’s help. The outcome could go either way, considering the giantess dislikes all Asgardian gods except for her beloved Loki.


Entrapment: Book 3

(Thor's Dragon Rider)

Protecting friends is deadly.

It's happened. Hel has sent her minion to attack Asgard, or so Kara thought. She and Elan are entrapped and dragged into the depths of Muspelheim, the land of the fire giants, bringing a whole new meaning to “warm welcome.”

In an attempt to retrieve the information Kara holds, creatures that live only in nightmares surface, threatening Kara's freedom and life.


Hoodwinked: Book 4
(Thor's Dragon Rider)

Hunted, banished, and desperate to rectify her errors. 

The pressure is real. Capture the weaselly god, Loki, and his children will unleash their vengeance. Leave him free, and he will weave his deception with dire consequences. With banishment added to the mix, the only way to rectify the situation is to recapture Loki. It’s a demand Kara must accept. 

Unable to return to Asgard, Kara is sent to the peaceful realm of Alfheim to enhance her light magic. Once again, trouble seems to find her, obstructing her path with dubious characters and smashing her judgment of who can be trusted. 

The race is on to enhance her magic and capture Loki before he deceives her again. If she doesn’t, her exile will last forever


Relinquished: Book 5
(Thor's Dragon Rider)

A bargain struck. A sacrifice made, and the price is high.

Loki’s hound son grows stronger and his temper, shorter, igniting fear in the gods of Asgard. They must restrain him before he becomes too strong to handle and brings Ragnarok upon them.

Desperate for a tougher restraint, Kara and Thor, accompanied by her trusty dragon and friends, travel to the realm of Svartalfheim, seeking the dwarves’ expertise.

They soon learn that they will gain nothing without sacrifice.


Shrouded: Book 6
(Thor's Dragon Rider)

A soul lost to a dishonorable death leading to a trek across Hel's realm.