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Witch's Legacy is a prequel for the next series, Supernatural Evolvement. In this series, the new characters' lives will merge with the lives of the angels from the Afterlife series (and their new members in book 3).

Witch's Legacy Blurb:

Della’s coven, the Ancient Requiem, hunts shapeshifters under the age of twenty-one to squash the rise of the dragon.

In her sixteenth year, Della’s life takes a turn as she discovers the secret of her past, which jeopardizes her unhappy life in the coven. It is a witch’s legacy to remain in the coven of her blood—a benefit if the coven suits her needs, a deadly path if it does not. Yet the choice to stay or go is not Della’s to make; it belongs to the high priestess of the coven. If Della leaves, they will hunt her down and kill her, and if they discover her secret, it will also mean death.

After training to hide her secret, she remains in the coven, but Raven, the shapeshifter witch, puts Della in situations to jeopardize her position. She must outsmart Raven and her shapeshifting antics, or else it is certain death.

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