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Shadows hide our true friends as the light illuminates our enemies.

Recruited as a magical apprentice, Samara trains under a head sorceress with other apprentices. The Sacred Flame coterie is renowned for its reign and raises powerful magic wielders—each member bonds with a familiar to boost the strength of their power beyond any ordinary sorcerer’s. It is an honor to be recruited by the coterie and fight the force rising against the kingdoms.

Samara’s service means that she can help protect the kingdoms, and her family will be provided for and removed from slavery and poverty. Except Samara can’t find a familiar. Having no familiar means she must overcome a formidable opponent that far outweighs her in size and outmatches her in fighting ability. If she fails, she will no longer be a coterie member and will end up either dead or enslaved, and the Sacred Flame coterie will no longer provide for her family.

In her darkest hour, she meets a sarcastic and grumpy dragon who curses himself for finding her companionship appealing. Together, they uncover the secrets of their world and find trouble that tests their skills.

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